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"Was at Zesti for the first time tonight. LOVED it! The staff is wonderful. Chef Michael Feker is among the people. The food is outstanding, extremely original, and tasty, and the atmosphere is great. I can't wait to return. His little son also helps at the restaurant. Very mature for his age, so friendly and personable. Congratulations for such an outstanding presence in Hartland." 

- Mary

"Other than the most amazing food I have ever had, I am also always greeted with the best service from an amazing staff. Always feel like I'm at home when I'm there…"

- Eric R.

BEST BOLOGNESE, hands down!!

- Monica H.

"All four of us enjoyed flavor-filled entrees, salads, and apps. We loved the atmosphere and the windows open to the street. A great addition to Lake Country!"

- Paige

"How fantastic is Zesti?!?? We were seated (without reservation) right away, and Owner Michael Feker greeted us with a joyful "WELCOME TO YOUR ZESTI EXPERIENCE!" Things got even better from there! Our server was outstanding, very funny, and engaged (I'm sorry, I think his name was John). We had sat in the bar area and enjoyed a cocktail, the Vegetarino pizza, and wings. My wife told me three times to figure out how the Cucumber Cosmo was made. We thoroughly enjoyed the food. The crescendo of the evening was when the bartender stopped our table, and she had made a latte with baileys and Kahlua that was not ordered. My wife said it was the best coffee drink she'd had in a long time!!!

We can't wait to go to Zesti for a full meal. It is a fantastic place!!"

-Ted B.

Zesti's has a great ambiance - very energetic- and food that was outstanding! We were seated at the high bar-like tables, next to the large "garage" like a window. It opened so that we were both inside and outside on a beautiful June Saturday evening. Great place to sit for a couple!


Dinner started with a lovely rosemary focaccia served with roasted garlic and olive oil for dipping. We followed that with a salad Mista (split between the two of us, just the right amount). Highly recommend the Capellini with roasted vegetables; the porterhouse pork chop was also fabulous, served with cheese grits and roasted butternut squash. The menu is eclectic, the service extremely friendly and helpful, the food delicious.


It won't be long before we return!


p.s. if you are looking for a quiet conversation, this is not the place to go - the atmosphere was lively and loud!"


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